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My name is Tyron Slack, and I am currently a Ph.D. Candidate studying Psychology. As a first-generation college student and military brat, getting into grad school was no easy feat. After completing my Bachelor's degree in Psychology at Southeastern Louisiana University, I packed up my bags and moved to Florida to pursue my Master’s. Moving to a new place to continue my education was difficult because I felt I lacked the background knowledge to successfully pursue higher education.    


Without knowing many people in Florida, I immediately set forth to earn my Master's Degree in Social Work (MSW) and license (LCSW). While contending with working through my Master's program, I have learned to make connections with everyone I meet and lend a helping hand to those facing similar challenges. After working with our homeless veterans for a couple of years as a Social Worker, I decided it was time to pursue my doctorate. Since 2019, I have had the opportunity to mentor students whose circumstances resemble my own. Thus Pursuing Purpose Consulting was born. 


Becoming a Psychologist is complex and can seem like an insurmountable goal without knowing how to navigate the path. With the connections I've made and the breadth of knowledge I have amassed, I know I can help you become the phenomenal doctoral student you've always wanted to be. 

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